Faroe Islands Impressions

Last spring I spent a week solo traveling in the Faroe Islands. The season was not in full tourist mode yet, and I had a really relaxing time. Living in Tórshavn and exploring the islands, on short day hikes with public buses and a couple of guided tours. This was a late winter holiday during … Read more…

CYCLE THE SEA // In pictures and video

I am back home from a three week bicycle tour in Scotland, England, The Netherlands and Germany. This route took me to the Hebridean Islands, North Sea coastlines, mainland Europe and a lot of ferries and some train connections to put it all together. Below are some moments from the tour in video and pictures.

Kayak building in Suomenlinna

Seawolf Kayak landed in Finland again this March to organize a skin-on-frame kayak building workshop in Suomenlinna island, Helsinki. Just like last year, we had an amazing eight days of learning and honing woodworking and craft skills while building a seaworthy kayak and Greenland paddle from scratch.

Outdoor Gear & Environmental Impact

What kind of an environmental impact does our beloved outdoor gear and clothes have? Are our consumer habits creating negative effects to the very same environment we seek to marvel? Green values are starting to be a big thing in outdoor marketing, but I feel it would be good for all of us to take a closer … Read more…