Moments from a solo cycle tour I recently did in Northern Finland.
I cycled about 420km in nine days, so low mileage but big experience!
If you don’t mind the lack of services and people, the smaller backroads of the north are something to experience. Abandoned homes and quiet towns. The occasional farm or homestead - usually with a dog barking mad from the sight of a passing stranger on a bike. Plenty of reindeer both in the woods and on the roads. Ravens croaking over endless marshlands. Lakes, rivers, woodlands and so many hills.
And every now and then a path in the woods, leading to a lean-to or even a wilderness hut where you can sleep in.
Spent a lot of time on small roads and forest paths, avoiding the more crowded routes. Saw more reindeer than people, except on the day hike routes of the national parks.

📍Riisitunturi National Park
📍Hossa National Park

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